The AJEFA's mission is to facilitate access to judicial services in French and to promote the use of French in the administration of justice in Alberta.

Our goals

  • Develop and coordinate public legal education and information programs
  • Promote the use of French within the Alberta legal system and ensure the equality of both official languages before the courts
  • Ensure active offer and delivery of legal services in French in Alberta
  • Inform the general public of their rights to access legal services in the language of their choice

Who are our members?

The AJEFA has more than a hundred active members who are part of the justice system or community members interested in supporting access to justice in French. Our members play an important role in our association: they supervise the staff in the production of public legal education material. They can also sit on various advisory committees, offer workshops free of charge, etc.

Our association

The Association des juristes d'expression française de l'Alberta (AJEFA – French-speaking Legal Professionals Association of Alberta) is a non-profit organization that was created in 1990 to promote access to justice in French in Alberta. Since June 2015, we are now a registered Canadian charity.

Up until 2001, the AJEFA was busy carrying out several projects in both Calgary and Edmonton, such as organizing mock trials, conferences and workshops; producing information material; publishing weekly columns on legal matters in Le Franco; and taking part financially in the Laskin Moot competition.

Due to lack of funding, the AJEFA was inactive for a few years but resumed its activities in 2005 after the provincial ACFA in partnership with the Fédération nationale des juristes d'expression française de Common Law (National French-speaking Lawyer's Association of Common Law) revived the association.

The role of the AJEFA is to inform Albertans of their rights and responsibilities by providing and delivering legal information to the general public and to special clienteles (schools, elders, newcomers, families...). It also aims at improving and facilitating access to justice and legal services in French in Alberta.

Moreover, the AJEFA aims at collaborating with Anglophone associations (e.g.: The Law Society of Alberta, judicial authorities) to bring awareness to the needs of the French-speaking Albertans to avoid overlaps.

Since April 2015, the AJEFA has been operating the Alberta Legal Information Centre, which offers legal information, support and referral services with regard to clients' legal questions. These services are provided in French or English, in person or remotely, free of charge and in addition to existing resources. Funded by the Department of Justice Canada, the creation of the Centre is the result of a close collaboration between francophone and anglophone stakeholders. For further information, please visit www.infojuri.ca.

For our most recent annual report, please click HERE.

Our team

Board of directors

According to the AJEFA's by-laws, the Board of Directors is made up of up to 10 people. The directors are elected every year during the AGM. At the 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) the following board was elected:

Me Justin Kingston


Me Shannon James


Me Gabriel Joshee-Arnal


Me Elsy Gagné


Me Kim Arial


Me Paul Bourassa


Me Denis Lefebvre


Me Morgan McClelland


Me Jean-Pascal Siewe


Me Mathieu St-Germain


Staff — Association des juristes d'expression française de l'Alberta

Denise Lavallée

Executive Director

ext 102

Maria Vigneault

Project Coordinator

ext 105

Staff — Centre albertain d'information juridique

Ida Ituze

Legal Information Officer

ext 104

Brigitte Etien

Legal Information Officer

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Contact Us

Association des juristes d‘expression française de l‘Alberta

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